Knowledge in Factory automation

Assembly systems for Relays

Typical products
  • contactors
  • industrial relays
  • time relays
  • safety relays
  • automotive relays
  • plug / print relays
Relays and contactors are similar in structure and function, differing mainly in the power range, which significantly determines the applications. Relays are low-cost electromagnetic switches with two switching positions, which are established in a variety of designs. Typical are miniature relays, semiconductor relays and heavy current relays. One important area of application is passenger cars, which are equipped, for example, with fuel pump, flashing and annealing time relays. In addition, rel...

Suppliers: Relays assembly system

Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG
99310 Arnstadt, Germany
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69800 Saint-Priest, France
» supplier
Autec Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, 92224 Amberg, Germany
BOZHON Precision Industry Technology Co.,Ltd, 512026 Suzhou, China
Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH, 28239 Bremen, Germany
D. Friedrich GmbH & Co. KG, 73630 Remshalden, Germany
Harmontronics (Suzhou.China), 215126 Suzhou, China
HENKEL & ROTH GmbH, 98693 Ilmenau, Germany
IMS B. V., 7601 PR Almelo, Netherlands
INSYS Industriesysteme AG, 3110 Münsingen, Switzerland
KÄHNY Maschinenbau GmbH, 71522 Backnang-Steinbach, Germany
Lanco Integrated GmbH & Co. KG, 73650 Winterbach, Germany
LAS Lean Assembly Systems GmbH, 73547 Lorch-Weitmars, Germany
neyret Group & Société Guy Neyret
OPTIMA automation GmbH, 70736 Fellbach, Germany
STIWA Automation GmbH, 4800 Attnang, Austria
ZBV-AUTOMATION GmbH, 53842 Troisdorf, Germany
Ziegler + Schenk GmbH & Co. KG, 73037 Göppingen, Germany