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Assembly systems for Plug connectors

Source: igus GmbH
Typical products
  • sockets
  • industrial circular connectors
  • industrial rectangular connectors
  • printed circuit connectors
  • data connector
  • automotive high current connectors
  • air bag connectors
Connectors are used for the construction of releasable connections by means of form lock. Rectangular and round connectors are typical designs. The connection technology distinguishes between connectors depending on the shape of the interlocking connectors, couplings and sockets or on the basis of the transmission contents. In addition to the power supply, analogue / digital video recorders (VGA / HDMI), audio signals (RCA) and other data (USB) can be transmitted. Furthermore, mechanical locking mechanisms can be characteristic, such as, for example, the screw joint of VGA monitor plugs. In automotive engineering, for example, the connection for the diagnostic device, trailer socket and the board voltage socket are implemented. In addition to being used in vehicles, connectors are also found in industry (data connectors, IP66K plug-in connectors) can be used in standard single-phase domestic sockets or in entertainment and communication electronics (eg SCART or jack plug). Connectors are also found in a variety of industries.

Suppliers: Assembly systems for Plug connectors

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Contexo GmbH, 73650 Winterbach, Deutschland
Cosberg S.p.A.
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Lazpiur Bergara, Spanien
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