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Assembly systems for Connecting cables and cable harnesses

Typical products:
  • connection cable
  • harnesses
  • contact support
Connecting cables are prefabricated electrical cables for the transmission of electrical energy and signals. They consist of one or more cores, a sheathing and application-specific plug-in connectors. Typical examples are coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, telephone, data, network and audio cables. Processing steps for cable assembly are cutting, stripping, stripping the wires, crimping, injection molding with plastic and plug assembly. Connection cables are found in a variety of industries, such as automotive, household appliance and mechanical engineering. Cable harnesses are modular cable bundles which are used, for example, in vehicles for supplying electrical and electronic components. They consist of a multitude of individual leads and isolators prefabricated with regard to electrical and geometrical requirements, which are manually grouped together on a molding board and fixed w...

Products: Assembly systems for Connecting cables and cable harnesses

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