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Assembly systems for Circuit breakers

Typical products:
  • circuit breaker
  • GFCI
  • motor protection switch
Safety switches are safety components for the operation of electrical installations. By detecting overload or insulation defects, they protect against damage to health, fire and property damage. Typical circuit breakers are line circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, circuit breakers and motor circuit breakers. In the core, earth fault circuit breakers consist of a sum current transformer. The magnetic fields arising during current flow cancel each other out. Occurring insulation defects induce a voltage on the secondary winding. If the limit value is between 15 and 30 mA, the secondary relay of the secondary circuit switches off in less than one second. Fault-current circuit breakers have been mandatory since 2007 for all new electrical installations. Circuit breakers allow the switching off of control cabinets and complete systems in case of overloading with current. Accordi...

Products: Assembly systems for Circuit breakers

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