Knowledge in Factory automation

Assembly systems for Major appliances

Typical products
  • washing machines
  • tumble dryers
  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • ovens
  • dishwashers
Large electrical household appliances are used in private households as well as in the commercial environment. Typical examples are refrigerators, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, automatic dryers and tumble dryers. Electrical functions of large appliances include, for example, electromotive drives of laundry drums or refrigeration compressors, electromagnetic valves of water circuits, and electric heaters for heating, cooking and cooking. The operation of large household appliances is subject to official energy efficiency criteria. Large household appliances, also referred to as white goods, are to be distinguished in the linguistic use of brown goods (entertainment devices), red goods (heaters) and gray goods (communication electronics).

Suppliers: Major appliances assembly system

Engmatec GmbH
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Aumann GmbH, 32339 Espelkamp, Germany
Aumann Limbach-Oberfrohna GmbH, 9212 Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
Aumann Technologies (China) Ltd., 213022 Changzhou, China
BÄR Automation GmbH, 75050 Gemmingen, Germany
Edgewater Automation St. Joseph, USA
Eutomation & Scansys sprl Eupen
Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, 510800 Guangzhou, China
HENKEL & ROTH GmbH, 98693 Ilmenau, Germany
Hidiria TC Tehnoloski center d.o.o., 6000 Koper, Slovenia
KMS Automation GmbH, 78713 Schramberg - Waldmössingen, Germany
Lama Avtomatizacija d.o.o., 6271 Dekani, Slovenia
MartinMechanic Friedrich Martin GmbH & Co. KG, 72202 Nagold, Germany
OPTIMA automation GmbH, 70736 Fellbach, Germany
PARO AG, 4553 Subingen, Switzerland
plusdrei HESA GmbH, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany
Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH, 73630 Remshalden, Germany
SMM production systems, Ltd., 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
TOX Pressotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, 88250 Weingarten, Germany