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Joining technology for Seal foaming

Source: Hilger u. Kern GmbH
Installations for the application of foam seals are systems for processing, mixing, dosing, extrusion and application as foamed sealing lips, including the required handling technology. Foam seals are predominantly made of two-component materials, can be adapted to any workpiece geometry and, in many cases, enable cost-effective and technically better solutions for sealing releasable connections. A system always includes material supply and preparation, a material flow metering, dosing and mixing heads, a control system as well as a handling system, with the aid of which the dosing head runs off the pre-programmed workpiece contours and applies sealing foam drums. As a rule, handling systems with at least three axes such as portals, Cartesian robots or articulated robots are used. Installations for the application of foam gaskets serve for the production of foamed seals for dismountable ...

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