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Joining technology for Potting

Source: DOPAG
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Potting systems are dosing systems and systems for potting which are predominantly used for the insulation and protection of electronic and electrical assemblies. The potting process takes place at atmospheric pressure or in a vacuum. The grouting forms an inseparable bond with the workpiece and serves to protect against mechanical stresses such as vibrations or mechanical damage, against environmental influences such as moisture. A pouring system always comprises a material supply, a material flow unit, dosing and mixing heads for the application of multi-component materials, as well as handling devices and a control system. Potting systems are used to partially or completely encapsulate electronic and electrical components or assemblies which are to be protected or completely insulated. Typical parts are generally electronic assemblies, fitted boards, control electronics, display panels, winding goods, transponders, sensors, relays, solenoid valves, ignition coils, microswitches or connectors. Important user industries are the automotive supplier industry as well as manufacturers of electronics and electrical components.

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