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Scribe Marker 317
source: Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH
Product features:
  • Compact embossing unit for flexible marking of components
  • Marking method: Scribing, needle and dot embossing
  • Data Matrix coding possible
  • Marking field: 120x25 mm
  • Software: LDM macro
  • Drive: Stepper motor
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

Description :
The Borries 317 Scribe Marker is used for permanent direct marking of components. It is suitable for use in manual workstations and for stationary use in production lines. Supported marking methods include scribing, needle and dot marking. DataMatrix coding is also possible. The marking field size of the 317 series is 120x25 mm. The following spelling directions are supported: straight, arc, angle. The penetration depth of the embossing tip depends on the material to be embossed, the marking head and the process, and varies between 0.01 and 0.5 mm. Special characters and logos can be applied by templates. The compact marking controllers EK2-Box or EG2-Box enable the easy creation or selection of jobs and offer a large range of possibilities for communication via PLC, PC or Membrane keyboard. Numerous interfaces, Z-axes, probing devices or numerous marking heads / needles allow for optimal application-specific adaptation. Typical applications are the marking of components made of plastic, metal or hardened surfaces, wood or perspex. Deep markings of surfaces before and after painting are also possible. Users can be found in the automotive supply and automotive industries, vehicle construction and the aerospace industry, metal and plastics processing and other industries.


Further Information:
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