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Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH

Hand stamping machines
source: Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH
Product features:
  • Hand stamping machines for plastically malleable materials
  • Impact forces up to 6 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN and 35 kN
  • Actuation: pneumatic
  • Length: 260 mm to 350 mm
  • Weight: 520 g to 1660 kg

Description :
Hand stamping machines from Borries are mobile, flexible stamping systems. With these hand stamping devices, fixed marking contents can be produced. They are versatile and can be used for punching, inspection stamping and marking. The impact force is infinitely adjustable, varying between 6 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN and 35 kN. Heatable stamps can also be used to mark thermoplastics or to create burn marks in wood. Typical tools are tenon stamps, cone tips, type holders with steel types and numbering embossing heads. Important applications include direct marking with lower quality requirements for semi-finished products, components and assemblies, even with rough or slightly soiled surfaces. User industries are internal equipment construction, special purpose machinery and other industries.


Further Information:
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