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Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH

Needle marking desktop machines EcoMark 320 / DOTStar 520
source: Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH
Product features:
  • Needle marking tabletop units EcoMark 320 / DOTStar 520 for flexible and cost- effective workpiece marking
  • Speed: up to 3 characters per second
  • Marking field size: 120x100 mm
  • Font height (freely scalable): from 0.5 mm
  • One-line and multi-line texts in freely scalable size
  • Date, Time, consecutive numbering
  • Angular and circular arc inscriptions
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Embossing software: VisuWin SE
  • Weight: 15 kg (520), 35 kg (320)

Description :
Needle marking desktop machines EcoMark 320 / DOTStar 520 from Borries are universally applicable needle markers for the flexible and cost-effective direct marking of workpieces. The compact workshop equipment is designed for one-off production and small batches. With a marking field size of 120x100 mm, the maximum speed is 3 characters per second. Penetration depths vary between 0.01 and 0.3 mm. Scribe and braille markings and vibropeening are possible on almost all materials. DataMatrix codings are feasible as well. Different fonts, special characters and logos can be used. Alphanumeric characters and linear, angle, or circle markings can be applied. Continuous numbering, automatic date specifying or time of day specs are also possible. EcoMark 320 / DOTStar 520 series needle markers are used in many industries both in manual workplaces and as cost-effective built-in devices for system integration. A typical application is the labeling of nameplates.


Further Information:
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