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Assembly systems for Pedal modules and gear selector levers

Typical products:
  • pedal module
  • gear selector levers
Pedal modules of gearboxes consist of accelerator pedal, brake pedal and clutch pedal. The pedals, that is, the entirety of the pedals in a vehicle, enable the driver to accelerate, decelerate and change the driving stages. Automatic transmissions are not equipped with a clutch device. The position of the accelerator determines the opening of the throttle valve and thus the fuel-air mixture as well as the power output. Instead of a mechanical connection, the accelerator pedal and throttle valve are now connected via sensors and the control unit. When the brake pedal is stepped, a force is applied which moves the brake cylinder hydraulically, and the starting friction of the brake disc and brake linings slows the vehicle down. The clutch between the motor shaft and the transmission shaft is used to separate the clutch and enable a shifting operation. Gear selector levers are used to selec...

Products: Assembly systems for Pedal modules and gear selector levers

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