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Assembly systems for Clutches and torque converters

Typical products:
  • clutches
  • torque converter
Clutches connect or disconnect the engine shaft and transmission shaft. In principle, clutches consisting of flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate are required to transmit the engine speed to the gearbox. Under load, the clutch disc clamps between flywheel and pressure plate and rotates. When coupling, the contact springs and release levers are loosened and the rotation of the clutch disc is slowly reduced. The clutch must be disconnected for starting up, so until a minimum speed is reached and for the gear change. Hydrodynamic torque converters transmit the rotational movement of the motor to the gearbox. They are installed in automatic transmissions. A typical design consists of housing, turbine (drive), stator, pump wheel (output) and converter lock-up clutch. When the turbine and pump impeller have a large rotational speed difference, an oil circuit is produced, the oil flow flows...

Products: Assembly systems for Clutches and torque converters

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