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Assembly systems for Steering assemblies

Typical products:
  • upper steering strut
  • steering column
  • intermediate steering shaft
  • adjustment unit
  • upper steering strut with jacket tube
  • crash elements
Steering assemblies are, for example, the upper steering strut, steering column (manual or electrically adjustable), intermediate steering shafts, adjustment units (manual interlock, electric drive unit), upper steering strut with jacket tube, crash elements, joints, longitudinal compensation of the steering intermediate shaft and damping elements. Main components of mechanical and hydraulic steering systems are steering box, steering wheel, rack and rack guides. Electrohydraulic steering systems (EPHS) are built up from engine pump units, hydraulic line systems and other components such as sensors, fittings, brackets and fluids. Electromechanical steering systems (EPS) consist of several assemblies. Servo motor, electric motor, torque sensor and control unit.

Products: Assembly systems for Steering assemblies

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Assembly systems for steering assemblies
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