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Assembly systems for Axles

Source: pixabay
Typical products:
  • front axles
  • rear axles
  • corner modules
Axles connect the wheels to the bodywork and form the main system of the chassis. They integrate numerous preassembled components of chassis and powertrain. Important integrated chassis- assemblies are axle suspension, steering, brakes as well as springs, dampers and stabilizers. Often, a structural integration of powertrain assemblies is also implemented, such as distributor transmissions and axle shafts. Axles are used in road vehicles such as passenger cars, trailers, trucks, commercial vehicles, rail vehicles, including locomotives and wagons, as well as in special vehicles. Typical designs are beam axle, trailing steering axles, steering axles, swing axles and axle stubs. Axes are complete assemblies. A basic distinction is made between front and rear axles. The front axle, for example, usually consists of wheel carriers, steering, springs, dampers, suspension, stabilizers and brake...
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