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Joining technology for Greasing

Source: Hilger u. Kern GmbH
Metering systems and systems for greasing are used in assembly applications for the defined semi-automatic or fully automated application of grease as a lubricant on mechanical components and assemblies. The lubricant is used to reduce friction and wear on friction components in mechanical assemblies. Lubricant application is typically performed in conjunction with assembly operations. The assembly is frequently combined with a subsequent mechanical function test for quality assurance. Dosing systems include a media supply and systems for conveying, dosing and applying the lubricants, including the required handling technology. They are available as manual systems, table stations as well as special machines. The medium is supplied with low-viscosity lubricants by pressure vessels or drum pumps; high-pressure drum pumps are used for high-viscosity media such as greases. In addition, heati...

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